Worthless Generation [single]

by Pray Macabre

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the second single from the upcoming EP, "Worthless Generation"


We live in backward times
Anyone who doesn’t see it is blind
Not that anyone has ever had it right
We just think we’re the shit, “no lie”

Hey check it out, my kid can type a thousand words per minute
While watching TV, tweeting, texting,
and whatever it is we do with facebook
They say we’re losing our attention span
Well shit, drink an energy shot, be a man!

I won’t accept this
I won’t live like this
I’ll make myself heard

Higher education is key; I can kegstand like a 4.0
Education is key; these kids are obviously learning

The goal of highschool is to go piss away half a million
Chase some degree but only taste failure
You’re a horrible listener, a painfully slow learner
And blissfully ignorant of the world around you.
it’s Generation Waste of Life

I won’t accept this (you)
I won’t live like this (you)
I will make myself (be) heard

Think for once!

No goals, no hope, no care, no worth!


released April 30, 2013
music written and recorded by Pray Macabre
lyrics by Andy Eisen
production and engineering by Austin Ramsey and Andy Eisen



all rights reserved


Pray Macabre Chicago, Illinois


New EP
"Worthless Generation"
Spring 2013

also, we still need cover art for our "Absence" EP, so if you wanna give it a shot send us an email at praymacabre@yahoo.com
we won't give you money but we will give you credit!
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