Absence EP

by Pray Macabre

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after N-Squared came out, our musical tastes started changing. we hungered for better music, and more stings on our guitars. so we began writing seven string material in September 2010 and the record was done being written by March of 2011.
subject matter ranges from Existence Philosophy to the end of the world to bacon.


released July 4, 2011

Lyrics: Andy Eisen (doubledown lyrics by Jon Vernon)

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Austin Ramsey and Tristan Zemtseff.

guest guitar solo in DoubleDown by Charlie Landsman.
guest vocals in Time of Calamity by Austin and Andrew from Subterranean Fishmen.

all music written by Pray Macabre.



all rights reserved


Pray Macabre Chicago, Illinois


New EP
"Worthless Generation"
Spring 2013

also, we still need cover art for our "Absence" EP, so if you wanna give it a shot send us an email at praymacabre@yahoo.com
we won't give you money but we will give you credit!
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Track Name: Enslavia
The flag is black and white
White is the slate you are thrust onto
Under vertical bars of black
They trap us where we are born
They trap us where we are born

It’s so sad, it’s all too real
That the best space to roam free
Is your head
Get lost in thought
I get lost in thought

I feel too fake, I feel too false
I push out and scream, try to claw through it all
But is there truth in such a prison?
No god or man or being could ever hold an answer

Fuck this god
Fuck this man
Being is all we have
And being that being is nothing
We have nothing

Here or not, this pain will end
That night could come around the bend
Any time
There is no time
It’s just not there
Nothing is
But for the night I leave Enslavia.
Track Name: DoubleDown
I shall have my bacon

I grow hungrier for my meals
This eternal hunger that can never cease
People watch in awe as I splatter your brains over the pavement

as I pull up it is full
As I wait in line my munchies are eating away at me
I ask for my double down
They say they have discontinued it

I go to my car munchies still eating away at me
I grab my chain saw

I cut away at every helpless pathetic excuse for a human being
I shall have my BACON!

Blood splattering
Limbs flying
Hecate shall know you by first name
Track Name: Toil and Trouble
G: The moon is down. I have not heard the clock.
N: Merciful powers, restrain in me the cursèd thoughts that nature gives way to in repose.

A: Give me my sword. Who’s there?
N: a friend.
G: sir Thane, why are you not asleep?

A: the King’s abed; our entertainment lacked.
N: we didn’t mind, yet I dreamt of the witches.
A: think not of them.
G: father let us away
A: good repose
J: the like to you

A: is this a dagger that I see before me?
come let me clutch thee!
A creation of the mind, I see the yet.
Such an instrument I am to use, thy blade gouts of blood.

Nature seems dead, wicked dreams abuse the curtained sleep.

I go, and it is done. The bell invites me.
Hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knell
That summons thee to heaven or to hell.

Good night King Duncan.
Track Name: 12 Shards
Where did she go?
That speck of intellect won’t show
Now that a new niche has swallowed
The only one who’s made me feel like anything.
No, there was another…
But fuck that, this was all too real
To just be cut off; deleted.

I stand a headless frame of apathy
To be filled and emptied like the trash bag that I am.
No matter, we all are
While the X’s are in control (forever).

Won’t you stop haunting me!?
You thought I was bad before…
Well come out of your indulgent cloud
And find the scattered pieces of my soul.
Track Name: Acid vs the Turnpike
has my perception been forever skewed?
should i go on or shut this down before it starts again?
i'd let it start again.
i'd let it start again.

we pass the gate at high speeds;
we know how and why this ends.
we pass the gate at high speeds;
we're going fast and baby i can't see!

let's get it on quick!
you look so much different now.
is it my brain, or just the world that is altered now?
so strangely beautiful...

if i could do it all again, i wouldn't change a thing.
but what did you want me to say?
we might not even be here anyway...

since it feels so real, let's try something new
but it might not be real;
i'll burn it down just to see how good it feels.

we tumble over again and again.
i see the impressive fear in your eyes; they've been lies!

whether or not i'm really here, i'd make this choice every time.
i'd taste the flame, endure this burn, just to watch you get yours.
Track Name: Time of Calamity
i am omnipresent
i am omniscient
i am omnipotent
not alpha or omega, here to repossess

the humans decay and collapse
they’ll have no arc, no shelter
for the flood that awaits their forlorn planet

When will we know if progression has taken its course?

We look at how far we’ve come
It’s pitiful
That now we’re all going back
Turning from what we clung to for survival

They could not think as I do, to see that it was all pointless
But my ignorant brethren know not why they do what they do
Nor that they are wasting what we call time

Innovation breeds laziness
Figments turn on imagination
Efficiency breeds longing
They only represent MY creation

Fight what’s not real
Fight what’s not here
I cannot be
The sole voice of reason

As this all crumbles I will sit back and laugh, holding content and a malevolent grin
The only real evil will infect what they call life and hell with rain forth for millennia
I cannot be the only one to see the ways of man, as I perceive what I believe is wearing thin

What you call time, I call space
What you call life, I erase.
See the pillars fall.