Worthless Generation EP

by Pray Macabre

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released June 18, 2013

Music by Pray Macabre
Lyrics by Andy Eisen
Mastered by Austin Ramsey of TZAR Production
Engineered and Mixed by Austin Ramsey and Andy Eisen



all rights reserved


Pray Macabre Chicago, Illinois


New EP
"Worthless Generation"
Spring 2013

also, we still need cover art for our "Absence" EP, so if you wanna give it a shot send us an email at praymacabre@yahoo.com
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Track Name: Waste
Track Name: Worthless Generation
We live in backward times
Anyone who doesn’t see it is blind
Not that anyone has ever had it right
We just think we’re the shit, “no lie”

Hey check it out, my kid can type a thousand words per minute
While watching TV, tweeting, texting, and whatever it is we do with facebook
They say we’re losing our attention span
Well shit, drink an energy shot, be a man!

I won’t accept this
I won’t live like this
I’ll make myself heard

Higher education is key; I can kegstand like a 4.0
Education is key; these kids are obviously learning

The goal of highschool is to go piss away half a million
Chase some degree but only taste failure
You’re a horrible listener, a painfully slow learner
And blissfully ignorant of the world around you.
it’s Generation Waste of Life

I won’t accept this (you)
I won’t live like this (you)
I will make myself (be) heard

Think for once!

No goals, no hope, no care, no worth!
Track Name: The Internet
You lazy little shits!
You know how to read and fucking write!
You lazy little humans
You’ve got a full keyboard there, now use it.

Go ahead, tweet some more!
Everyone really cares that you’re taking a shit.
I’m really on the edge of my seat reading this cute little back and forth
Between you and some bitch you’ve probably met once

You type about your life so much, how could you possibly be living one?
If everything you fucking say is redundant and ignorant, why bother?
Track Name: Dubstep
Look at me
I can use a computer
I am so cool
And you’re all eating this shit out the palm of my hand

Relying on this artificial love
Just to run away

Feel this groove, it feels so real
And look, these guys are actually playing instruments
And notice how this song is different from the last one
But you don’t care because you’re too fucked up

Keep on turning that blind eye from all the rest of us can see

You and your friends
There’s nothing better than raves and ecstasy
Me and my friends
There’s nothing better than tearing those like you to shreds
With our real humanity

Make my day, go on
Tell me how you’ve seen more than I could ever know

So many of you used to listen to decent music
Now you wear bandanas and day-glow
You go to raves and do ecstasy

You don’t know what awaits you, and you don’t care
Rise up out of that dust
Even if you think you’re worse off up here
We’re all watching you fall apart

Complete disintegration of character
Complete disintegration of character
Complete disintegration of character
Complete disintegration of character
Track Name: Parties (ft. Adam Bevel)
Somebody help me remember how to stand up
I can’t even see straight, through this sea of bro sluts
My eyes are spinning in my head, ain’t this the life

Sure I’ve got goals and hope, I wanna kegstand like a 4.0
You’ll be hard pressed to find people who care less
Don’t waste your time searching this group for worth

We’re all here for one reason: we don’t care.
It isn’t cool to care, we’re here to fit the mold.
We treat every night like it’s our last, and we’re on a mission
To rid ourselves of consciousness

10% of my brain is too much
A bottle full of self comfort that I will not partake in
These kids are fully loaded on empty gestures
Drowning in memories of times I remember darker
Vultures stand in corners
Stand from corners
Waiting for prey to pass out

Strangers are my best friend.
Everyone here is like me, meaningless in every way
We don’t want to deal with life so we’ll just clog the planet with our presence
(We’ve earned nothing, but we deserve this)

I don't know you
I don't like you
I'm not your fucking bro
Don't talk to me
Don't look at me
I think it’s time for me to go

Strangers are my best friend.
So let’s party like it’s the last night of our lives
Because this is how I’d want to spend it
With nobody, doing nothing,
to escape from what little there is left of me
Track Name: The Passage of Time
Where am I? Who am I? What am I now?

Uncertainty rattles around inside me, every day I lose a little more footing
Can I ever get a grip? Can I ever just surrender?

And while I know I’m making things difficult, I can’t seem to stray from this path I’ve laid out for myself
I lay here, unable to move, paralyzed by that very thought

How does anyone do it? Just go on without looking back?
Well this shit is weighing me down, and every day is
Grinding, just grinding

I can’t be the only one, who thinks this way, who thinks this much, who thinks this hard,
who tries this hard to find a way to rid himself of this weight that is time.
Calling, calling, calling for help, in a cavern that’s too dense to move.
Holding, ever clinging, to the time before I had to move this weight.

Life was so simple, it was a breeze
When Mom would put on records while I helped her clean
The sun shined brighter in that house
Remember when I fell down the stairs?
She picked me up with her loving arms, and I was back to playing, without a care
The sun shined brighter in that house

Enjoyment is gone, replaced by reaction; a practical excuse to place function over form at all costs.
Function over form, making it easier to shut the door.

But where am I going? Where is this leading?
How can I keep falling into a nonexistent space with no hope for escape?
I’ll find my way out, I always do, but every time, part of me stays behind.

Bullshit! This is bullshit! I’m fine! Stronger and wiser than I’ve ever been before!
Get me out of my head, pull me out of this hole, I don’t want to drown in the echoes that kill me
“I’m not a kid anymore, so why is life such a bore?”
I’m not a kid anymore, and that makes life such a bore.

Forcing myself to breathe